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About our nebulizers

Precision Glassblowing of Colorado offers the widest range of nebulzers available anywhere including exclusive rights to the the world renowned Noordermeer V-groove and the patented Modified Lichte. Other companies may offer similar nebulizers but there are no substitutes for the originals. Furthermore, with an ICP on site, every nebulizer is tested as part of our stringent Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program.

Concentric nebulizers

In the mid-1970's, the glass concentric nebulizer was introduced to the world and was shown to be a major improvement over nebulizers available at the time. For nearly 20 years, the common concentric nebulizer has remained virtually unchanged and is available most anywhere. Precision Glassblowing of Colorado has been offering borosilicate and quartz concentric nebulizers since 1987, but we have spent the last 5 years developing a revolutionary design for optimal sample transport in our glass concentric nebulizers yielding not only great performance but also unparalleled consistency and stability. Manufactured by our master glassblowers, we can offer most any combination of common Argon flow, PSI and sample flow rate. So, the next time you are looking for a concentric nebulizer, discover what the top instrument manufacturers have known for years.

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